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tv   11 News Today  NBC  April 6, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> reaction to the plan to close the fire station. i am live downtown. the story coming up. >> millions of americans are still looking for a job. coming up, the jobs report offers encouragement? >> the orioles kickoff their 20th season. what is your favorite memory from this modern-day classic park? jarret today in the water cooler question of the day. >> plus, your holiday forecast as continue 11 news today is now. >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> in. i am sarah caldwell.
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beautiful opening day. >> beautiful day. terrific yesterday. beautiful morning this morning. big, full moon. let us look at the current temperatures. out at the airport right now, 40 degrees. that this fellow. 51% humidity. the northeast winds are at 6, but gusting to 17. that is the key to these temperatures. we expect to see a whole bunch of 30's out there. there are some of to the northwest. downtown, 44. the breeze, even as dry as the air, the temperature is not dropping to the potential. that would have taken the readings below the freezing point. the breeze or the wind is a good thing. we will talk about what happens after the moon sets and the sun rises of coming up in a minute. we should tech -- check the traffic right now. good morning. >> good morning. really not much going on. we are problem-free for the
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moment. that is greatness. if you have to head out, we are up to speed on the major roadways. 61 at 795. that is in the -- 55 on the j.f.x.. no delays at all to report. the rest of the major roadways are checking out ok. we have the outer loop in the northeast corner checking and 11 minutes. 10 minutes on 95 southbound. 70 minutes on 95 northbound between 95. no delays on the major roadways. this is the beltway a baltimore national pipe along the west side. switching over to a live view of the bellevue -- the beltway. that is not fog. it is just some something on the land to -- something on the lens. >> we begin with the latest look
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at the nation's jobs numbers. >> millions of americans are still at work but economists think we could see significant number of jobs added in the latest report. good morning. >> good morning. the news today is expected to be a mixed bag. employers are adding jobs, but the unemployment rate is not expected to budge from 8.3%. in this economy, jobs hundred -- job hunters say patience is keith . >> realizing it will be a slow turnaround. we are in there for the long haul . >> companies have increasing -- have been increasing hiring. still, more than 23 billion people remain either out of work or underemployed. >> we have to keep in mind that
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because of the ever expanding population, we have to add a round of hundred thousand jobs every month just to hold steady. >> report of the economy indicate americans are feeling more confident. >> i am very optimistic. >> demand for goods and services is also set to be up. most people are citing the economy as their number one concern -- >> our economy is turning a corner but we have a long way to go. >> it remains an issue on the campaign trail. >> the rate of recovery under this president has been the los tepid. >> meantime, those out of work said they are hoping the economy is finally heating up. >> we are not get out of the woods from the aftermath of the recession, but we are making steady progress at this time. >> job growth is expected to continue at a rate of about 200,000 jobs per month through the end of the year. >> thank you.
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you probably noticed that we did not -- that the average price of gasoline hit the fourth hour mark. this was confirmed by aaa and puts us 6 cents higher than the national average. 32 cents more than it was one year ago. here is one reason why -- refiner >> are switching from their winter planned to the more environmentally friendly spring blanda. >> aaa says despite rumors, they did not anticipate prices to hit a $5 mark this season. we are tracking where the deals are. members are showing us where you are finding prices. down on our new iphone abd angeles how much you are paying for gas. -- app and how much you are paying for gas.
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senate negotiators are offering compromise on two front, shifting the cost of teacher pensions and raising the state income-tax rate. they say they're willing to agree to the house plan to shift 50% of the cost of teacher pensions in the first year of facing it in. however, they want to continue to negotiate the rest of the face in time. the house plan of raising the state income tax on individuals, earning $100,000 or more in families making $150,000 or more, will win out. house negotiators called the offer a good effort to come to the middle. >> the man of a guilty to trying to blow up a military recruiting center is part of a jihad. he will be sentenced today. prosecutors are seeking a 25- year presidential -- 25-year sentence. he wrote to the arrested in 2010 after being caught in an undercover operation. he planted what he thought was a
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real bomb and tried to detonate it when soldiers were in the building. >> we now know which baltimore city fire companies are set to close for good. budget cuts have forced the department to change its inclosure program to something more prominent. >> good morning. this is not the first time we have heard of these changes. budget cuts. this move is about putting equipment and the right places. of course, he is one example of what that is going to mean. the fire station on fourth avenue is just one example of changes set for july the first. that acquittal removed to the south utah station downtown. the fire chief says this plan will put a lot of -- but the company in the midst of a high- rise buildings. >> we do not want to have holes in our coverage in the city, especially for ems in fires. we want to get there within five minutes. >> even if it takes an extra couple of minutes.
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hold a match to your backside 40 extra minutes and let me know how it feels. >> that was the fire union chief. he has a meeting with the mayor to talk about a very dangerous proposition. live in downtown, at wbal-tv 11 news. is cover >> of a body earlier in middle revere -- middle river is leading to an arrest. jeffrey jennings' was down. -- was found. detectives say that two people were acquaintances of the victim. they're being held without bail. >> a deadly shooting bought anne arundel county detectives to furnace ave. police would not comment on the
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relationship between the two men were the circumstances, but despite the fact that they believe it is an isolated incident, people who live nearby say they are concerned. >> is concerning. there are guns. people are dead. my kids. not cool. >> there is nothing like that around here so it is kind of weird. unusual for us around here. they're cracking. police have yet to identify the man. is >> a dam would hope springs eternal when baseball fans look at opening day. this afternoon, is a dream that will be shared by tens of thousands of orioles fans when
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they play the minnesota twins. the game time is 3:00 this afternoon and this season is special for fans as the team celebrates the 20th anniversary of the opening of oriole park at camden yards. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what is in your favorite memory over the ballpark's 20 your history? share with us on or facebook. was the >> night for me when cal ripken had his big night. -- it was the night for me when cal ripken had his big night. >> this conn grandmother is waking up behind bars this morning. wait to hear what police say she did. >> why did the post guard opened fire on the boat? find out when 11 news today continues. >> clear skies. a full and out there.
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some rain to the south that should stay there. our forecast is a good one and details on that are just ahead. >> we have a nice writing morning commute on our hands. no problems to report. we give you a live look outside we give you a live look outside coming up. took hours to work or made me drowsy. after allegra, i have the only one that's both fast and non-drowsy. after allegra, i have it all.
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>> coming up in 40 minutes,
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before the hour of 6:00 -- 40 minutes after the hour of 6:00 right now. our temperature right now downtown as 44 degrees. let us take a look at what we have as far as conditions outside. we down to the south of us, we have a -- we down to the south of us, we have cloudy skies to the south. up to the north where we are, we have clear skies right now. those clear skies are favoring us with a pleasantly cool conditions outside. we should be able to maintain relatively nice conditions during the day today. we expect of the jurors to be slightly below the average for the season -- temperatures to be slightly below the average for this season. temperatures above the freezing point even though we do have freeze warnings in effect for our area. in just a second, we will -- i
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am selling for some time. excuse me because my computer is all jammed up. there we go. i got it caught up. ignore the rain because it will stay down there. we have a beautiful guy this morning. the full moon -- the sunrise this morning is at 6:42. temperatures outside, warmer. readings are in the low 40's 2 mid- 40's. if you get away from the bay, you see a 39 at randallstown. at the airport, the temperature is 40. cooler temperatures up to the north. closer to freezing when you get up into pennsylvania, new york, and a high of. the badgers are held up by the breeze, which is circulating the atmosphere -- temperatures are held up by the breeze, which is circulating the atmosphere. northern vargem are counting -- county.ottom of honenumber bale
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we take a look at the weather maps this morning. the clouds of south of us and there are three -- thin clouds. virginia beach has some showers. the storm stays to the south. a big area of high pressure. that is our weekend weather. we can will be dominated by the high pressure. a lot of sun today. 56 to 64 the high today. there will be a breeze at 10 to 50 miles per hour. we take a look at our futurecast. hear of the dry conditions with as little system to the south of us. it moves out of the picture. for today and saturday, dry. sunday, we do pick up a few clouds. maybe a few sprinkles to the north. easter sunday right now looks dry. we will pick up and up towards the end of the day and temperatures will be close to normal, just breaking into the low were 60's. eastern -- take a look at the
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forecast. 59. 61 tomorrow. easter sunday, 63. monday and tuesday, we have some rain in the forecast. >> as far as traffic is concerned, we are looking very nice. no problems at all to report. we are to speak on 95 in the northeast corner. 65 miles per hour. 64 in stony road heading south on the harrisburg expressway, 62 on the beltway at the j.f.x. no problems. we give you a look outside at about -- at the beltway along the west side. the internet and blitzer both picking up in volume, but nothing to cause delays. -- the inner and outer lips are both picking up in volume, but nothing to cause a delay. that is the latest on traffic. over to you. >> thank you. taking a look at our top stories this morning. the head of the u.s. to give regulatory division to ars aid plan today. the plant will -- the head of the u.s. nuclear regulatory
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division to worse a plan today. it has been closed because of small amounts of radioactive steam that is then released. a 75-year-old grandmother is in jail this morning. after allegedly burning down the home from which she was about to be evicted. connecticut police say raeann goss had a history of gambling problems and had a bitter rented months. after moving most of her things out of a home, she rented, police say she set fire to our mattress and walked away. after initially being hospitalized for unspecified mental problems, she now faces a string of charges including arson. and a bandage japanese ship is now under the sea. thursday, the u.s. coast guard scuttled this barge the drifting on the open sea since last year's tsunami as it made its way to the gulf of alaska. the coast guard is going to sink the ship preventing it from becoming a danger to other vessels.
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>> in the consumer alert, more stores are offering to e-mail receipts to their customers after in-store purchases. a survey finds more than half of consumers say yes to e-mail receipts. they still want the paper receipt at the store, too. some shoppers say getting a paper receipt allows them to check for accuracy before leaving the store. retailers say digital receipts save them money and also allow them to include things about the product. a wall street is closed today for the good friday holiday. there is still plenty of business news. deborah costard brings it to us in this morning's bloomberg business report. >> good morning. the stock market is closed today in observance of good friday. wall street will probably react to today big jobs report come monday morning. for today, let us focus on the housing market. we know the housing meltdown continues to weigh on the big banks.
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how much? jpmorgan ceo jamie dimon says the bank could bring a $24 billion in profits if you exclude losses on home loans. the company are a record $19 billion/year in a letter to shareholders, the ceo said that the main difference between what the big discerning and what it should be learning can -- continues to be the high cos losses of the mortgages. jpmorgan faces litigation's even though it sell some of the bigger cases in the past year. the e-book trend is gaining popularity with 21% of americans say they have read a book in the past year and that is up from 70% in mid december. that is according to research. one reason is all the holiday sales of the ipad and the kindle fire and nook. people say they are ready to give up the book. 88% of the people who have read
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an e-book say they have read a good old-fashioned counterpart. that is business news at the new york stock exchange. >> 40 degrees on tv hill . >> the boys of summer are back at camden yards. keith mills texas to the opening day at oriole park when he joins us live in the studio. >> you're the lottery numbers. -- here are the lottery numbers.
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>> now, traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together >> -- . >> good morning. no problem spots. we're up to speed on the major roadways. drive times looking great. 11 along the outer loop was out of the beltway. eight minutes on 95 northbound between the beltway and the 524 mchenry. no problems there. we give you a look outside the west bound beltway at baltimore national pike. increasing it in volume, but looking just fine on the internet dr. lou. the key bridge on the beltway is looking good. that is the latest on traffic polis 11. over to you. >> coming up, as you the first light of dawn out there, temperatures are in the 30's and 40's. a high in the upper 50's. plenty of sunshine not only here in baltimore and over camden yards, but over the entire
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state. most of the clouds will be south but we have at -- and we have a bit of a breeze. enjoy. >> now, a 11 sports with keith mills. >> good morning. the orioles open their 59 seasons in baltimore today. the minnesota twins will play them at camden yards. the orioles celebrate 20 years of baseball. it is still the stadium in the league. -- the best stadium in the week. brian roberts on the scene yesterday. he will start the year on the disabled list. he looked good yesterday. they're going to play hard and stay focused. the team is more talented. >> i wish i could stay and do more. we are ready to go.
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tired the -- tired of hearing my rhetoric. >> the orioles have won seven of their last 10 home openers. the first pitch is 3:00 05 this afternoon. renta begins at 750 this morning. 12 players are within three shots. west toward at 500. tiger woods took the agusta course on. nice shot right there. he bogeyed 17 and 18. phil mickelson and number 10 said he had never lost a ball at agusta and tell this shot. no one could find it. >> murray was out there. triple bogey 7. this is lee west would --
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westwood. first round, 67. he is the leader. the ravens want to sign darrius web to a long-term contract a couple of days ago. he agreed to a $50 million -- $10 million guarantee. he has matured into one of the better quarterbacks in the game. he has become a major force in the secondary. a couple of new food choices at camden yards. >> it will be a fun day. thank you. still ahead, barbara mikulski has been serving for a decade. she is a 6--- she is a fixture in the night sky. . >> big changes for some city
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fire houses. i am live in downtown. the story coming up. >> we all remember this scene of chaos as a mass a tornado ripped through the dallas-fort worth area. here to press he recounts how he mm, these artisan bagels are so tasty. hey, what do you think "artisan" means? it's latin. for what? really, really good bagels. dunkin's new artisan bagels are as authentic as it gets. soft, chewy, and delicious. grab one today.
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning. welcome back. >> i am sarah caldwell. john collins as a look at the day's forecast. >> a good one today. we are starting with temperatures mostly in the low 40's. we have clear skies this morning. there is a disturbance to the south of was producing some rain shower activity. that will not affect our weather today. it is moving away. we are looking dry. more details coming up and its units. >> thank you. our big story has come down to fire stations closing. >> the changes in storage now
6:31 am
pick the fire chiefs against the union, which is already vowing to fight the plan. >> the fire station on fourth avenue is a good example of the changes coming july the first. and the controversy they bring. trucks six and the personnel are being moved from here to the south utah street station downtown. the chief james clack says -- >> >> want to be able to get there within five minutes. >> bric kaufman says replacing trucks with the only specialized -- rick hoffman says replacing the trucks will leave downtown on man. >> hold a match to your backside 40 detector minute, let me know how it feels. >> moving truck 6 as part of the plan to end the daily rotating fire company.
6:32 am
and permanently close three companies. truck 10 on the west side, squatting 11, and an engineer bayview, and trucks 15 on north mumford. >> moving to his family's companies is more efficient and easier to manage for the chiefs that are here that have to do with day-to-day . >> no fire stations will be closed and there will be no layoffs. the plan calls for a complex of resources including reassignments of 72 firefighters . >> we are taking firefighters assigned on one company in one area of the city and moving into other fire stations. >> in the process, he says keeping response times close to the national standard. rick hoffman is opposed . >> i think that is ludicrous. i think we are playing the numbers game with people's lives. >> he says he is meeting with the mayor next week to try to convince her to but this plan. wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> thank you. a child remains in serious condition after being struck by a vehicle late thursday in northwest baltimore. it happened around 5:00 yesterday at the intersection of mortimer and rueben. the child is between seven and 10, the driver of the car remained at the scene. the accident remains under investigation. two men are in custody after an armed robbery in baltimore county. investigators say the suspect confronted employees at the elbow gold exchange on york road of around 1:00 yesterday afternoon. they made off with cash and jewelry and a toyota camry. they crashed on mccormick road as they tried to get away. >> barbara mikulski what is without a doubt a political star. now, she is one in the heavens. people at the space telescope institute named a supernova after her. it was bought earlier this year
6:34 am
by the huddle telescope. the center is known for her -- the center is known for her abdication of same-sex marriage. >> has created jobs and prosperity. >> she was presented with a framed photo of her super nova and a gated this. the institute serves as the science operations center for the huddle. it will be the science division operations center for the jim webb space telescope after its launch. >> this tornado -- tornadoes and texas produced memorable images. tractor-trailer's flying through the air. an off-duty cop -- as the most memorable of all . >> i can see this tornado. >> this officer was filling in for a friend and was that even supposed to be at the flying j
6:35 am
but the people who were there are glad he was . >> i knew was a bad day when i noticed the tornadoes getting bigger and bigger and i have always been told that if they are getting bigger, they are coming right at you. highwayre shedding the done at 45. 45 there is a lot of debris. >> there were a few people still outside when it crossed i 20 and hit schneider. i started seeing the trailers flying through the air. that is when i started worrying. i worried for my safety, as well. i tried to hurry ever won a long to get inside. kweisi major that about 30 customers got into the freezer just-in-time -- he made sure that 30 customers got into the freezer just-in-time. he said he was just doing his job. he also knows everyone in that
6:36 am
location got extremely lucky. >> can we talk about something different right now. traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. we are up to speed on those major roadways. 62 in the area of said on the road on the harrisburg expressway. 61 adopt rigid along the northeast corner of the beltway. 65 on 95 in 216 to head down south towards the capital beltway. we are looking good there. drive times show we are up to speed. 11 minutes on the outer loop on the west side. eight manage between the beltway on the south side. certainly no problems to report. this is the beltway at liberty road along the west side. very light. especially for this time of the morning.
6:37 am
switching over to 95 in white marsh, looking pretty good. that is the latest on traffic. we have to check with the forecast. >> good morning. we are right at sunrise at this stage of the game. nice temperatures out there. 40 degrees at the airport right now. humidity is down and the winds are breezing along at 6. we have had gusts in downtown. the temperature is 44. we are beginning to see dry conditions around the area. the national travel map, as far as major destinations, south of baltimore, there is rain. has thunderstorms. in the pacific northwest there is some rain in the forecast today. all those other major airports look pretty good. we have more and more local forecast coming up in just a minute. >> thank you. 40 degrees on tv hill. there is something different about this. what could possibly be?
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we tell you this unique story when we coto
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>> just in time for easter. this is not a guinea pig. it is and you're less rabid. -- ear-less rabbit.
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and the owners decided they liked pinocchio because his lack of years makes his nose look big. >> does my nose made my years love big? i love it. [laughter] estella and companies want to replace -- australian companies want to put this marsupial in. white house to the easter bunny? the habitat is being threatened by rabbits. conservationists are marketing the bill. complete with chocolate in hopes that people will picha in for their preservation. >> i am not debating that. i liked the rapid before without the years. -- rabbit before without the years.
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>> 40 degrees on tv help. still ahead, a look at the top stories. >> we picked up some debris on the westbound of the beltway. details coming up. >> weather was, not here. clouds and rain to the south of us. we have a good day in the forecast.
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>> welcome back ton. -- 11 news today. the man who tried to block a center as part of jihad is a
6:45 am
arrested thibault -- is being indicted today. he was caught in an undercover sting operation. martinez planned what he thought was a real bomb and tried to detonate it. soldiers were in the building. a man is being held without bail this morning after police say he threw an incendiary device at a moving car. officers received a call from the driver around 350 monday afternoon -- 3:15 p.m. on monday afternoon. police were able to follow the prince down 31 -- it foundation schneider and his home. he is charged with arson. no one was injured. the mega millions men as continues as the baltimore woman claiming to have the winning ticket says she is now misplacing it -- she has none is listed. -- she has not misplaced it. mirlande wilson said she hid the ticket inside the mcdonald where
6:46 am
she works. she can no longer find it. the lottery director emphasized his office has not heard from anyone claiming to hold the winning ticket. we are expecting good news about the economy later this morning. the jobs report is out today and is expected to show more than 200,000 new jobs created last month. tracie potts has the latest. >> even though the unemployment rate may remain steady at 8.3%, today labor department report is expected to show 203,000 new hires in march. >> if we are growing jobs at a couple hundred thousand a month, that is good. we need to do more. >> a third of employers that a full-time workers this year. the highest since the recession began. >> that is strong enough for people to feel better about the job market. not strong enough to start to raise wages. >> experts expect most of the new jobs to come from private
6:47 am
companies. government is laying off, but not as much as before. the number of americans seeking unemployment hit its lowest levels in four years. president obama signed a new jobs bill that will help startup companies get more money and other businesses go public . >> that is a big deal because going public is a major step towards hiring more workers. >> we find out just how many more got paychecks last month. at this rate, analysts say the federal reserve may do absolutely nothing to spur growth when it meets again in june. i am tracie potts. wbal-tv 11 news. 11.ow, traffic pulse >> good morning. we have thick of some debris on the west side outer loop of the beltway right at baltimore national pipe. something to be aware that you're heading on the west side this morning.
6:48 am
47 miles per hour on the beltway at 97. a bit of a slowdown. nothing causing too much trouble. major walder is checking out ok. eight minutes on the inner loop on the west side. 10 minutes on 95 northbound between 32 and the beltway. 18 minutes on 95 southbound between the 95 spirs. in the inter and dr. luc removing just find your year is 95. -- the inner and outer loop moving just fine. the inner loop of 95. that is the latest. over to you, john. >> good morning. clear skies. in the 40's. outside the beltway and away from the bay, temperatures dropped to 37. martin airport, 39 degrees. columbia, 40. freeze warnings technically in effect this morning until 9:00.
6:49 am
we will have a hard time getting to that point. a couple of places of to the northwest may actually touched 32 briefly. the warnings are out there. freeze warnings will be out again for tomorrow morning, as well. some of the reading is could get quite chilly. we have clear skies appear. you can see the clouds on a satellite picture right across the central portions of the delmarva peninsula and down into virginia. some of this cloud cover is producing rain moving out of georgia and the carolinas. that is gone today. high-pressure moves over into the southern plains. that is holding this to the south. rain is not a part of our forecast during the day today. this high pressure will be the dominant whether features through the entire weekend. storms out to the west early
6:50 am
next week. that is when we begin to watch for the chance of rain with those storms. most senate today. kind of cool. 56 to 60. below the average, which is 61. northwest winds breezing along at 10 to 15. gusts could be stronger. craft advisories on the bay. at game time for the orioles, opening day, we expect temperatures to be in the upper 50's with a breeze at around 10 miles an hour. plenty of sunshine. futurecast shows that toor moving out of the picture. today looks good. mar looks good. even sunday looks good. by easter sunday, we should pick up some clouds. showers out to the north. the sunday forecast but temperatures in the 50's. then, by monday, we do expect some rain showers to be in the picture. that continues on tuesday. >> time for a last look.
6:51 am
fire officials have made the difficult decisions about which fire companies that will fall victim to the budget ax. >> the closings and changes are taking place this summer. on july the first. under this new plan, no fire stations will be closed. there will be no layoffs. companies will be dismantled. a fire chief says he wants to put equipment where it is needed the most. in high-rise buildings. firefighters call this a dangerous proposition. the union will meet with the mayor to discuss this plan. >> how does this have to do with the city ticket finances? >> everything. the city is already facing about a $48 million deficit thank you.
6:52 am
-- deficit. >> thank you. a look at what is coming next on "the today show." >> good morning. coming up -- she is one of the most talked about women in the world right now. the writer of the article claiming other women pager because she is beautiful. she with her critics in her live television interview. speaking of people in the news, how about kim kardashian. she will be your life. we talk about the ongoing backlash of for 70 today marriage. and whether things might be heating up between her and kanye west. it a live performance from one about hottest stars allowed under -- stars around. right here on "today." >> a good show. 40 degrees on tv hill. still ahead, a look at weather and traffic before we head out to start your day.
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>> time for some of your answers to our water cooler question of the day . >> but has been your favorite camden yard memory? >> rockered writes, the very first game at the yard. it was the first win at the yard. >> singing the national anthem with my high school choir on my 16th birthday. >> cal ripken baking -- breaking the record and game 3. a long standing ovation for a true or real hero. that is a great one.
6:56 am
>> we will postwar on >> i will never forget is that. i wish i was here for that. how about traffic? >> traffic looking pretty good. we have a couple of things to talk about. one is an accident on 795 southbound. there's some debris on the road on the outer loop at baltimore national pike. nothing to major. the major roadways are looking ok. live look outside. this is at liberty road. you can see the inner loop and outer loop. certainly moving freely. 95 at white marsh is moving just fine. >> all right. >> the pavement is dry. a beautiful morning. debitors in the 50's. -- temperatures in the 50's. no rain today or tomorrow for the game. or saturday or easter sunday, for that matter. a few clouds on easter sunday. the apertures in the lower 60's on sunday.
6:57 am
raid on monday and tuesday, but that is after all the other stuff is out of the way. >> ideal. we have our art and black on today. -- orange and black on today. >> we did that yesterday. i am sure you did. >> sure. >> thank you for joining us. >> we are back with an update at 7:25. have a good day. >> follow breaking news and weather any time at and stay connected on facebook and twitter.
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